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Saturday, August 20, 2016

two months in . . .

. . . it's been a busy, busy time getting settled in Hong Kong

Obviously, I've been learning my new job. Anywhere you go, even if the job description is the same, the systems, the corporate culture, the people and personalities will be very different. It's been a steep learning curve and I look forward to fully relaxing into it - not slacking off but feeling comfortable enough to not second guess my every choice. (Not the fault of anyone but myself - I'm the hardest taskmaster I have).

Then there's the city. and I've fallen in love with Hong Kong. I always liked it, but living here rocks. I was incredibly fortunate when I arrived that not only did I have a hotel room for a week, but I had friends from the Jeju community who were heading away for six weeks immediately after that. I got to spend that time in their apartment with two wonderful ginger cats and planned to look at where I wanted to live during that time. I fell for their neighborhood, and took an apartment here.

There are very, very many reasons I love my new home, but it's 0100 (I worked a late shift today) and I have so much to do tomorrow. Now that I'm settled in my own place, I plan to write more often.

BTW, there's a single bed available in my postage stamp of a home. I've been hosted so well by so many friends - it's my turn to repay the favor.

For now, some sleep is needed. Tomorrow's plan is the usual early gym visit (I love having my gym three floors below my bed), yoga with the mom of the ginger kittehs (she's amazing, but I'm going to an "all-levels" class" because I'm nowhere near her level), meeting my next house guest at the airport, meeting another friend for a sunset cruise on a luxurious junk, back to mine for refreshments and then out to dinner.

You can see why I've not written much lately . . .