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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

life is a beach ...

... the really sucky thing about getting old is that people die, and you forgot to tell them how much they meant to you while they were alive ...

I misspent my late teen years roadying for touring cover bands in New Zealand and tending bars before I was of age to drink in one. Both brought me into contact with Peter Martin, the rough-and-tumble bouncer at the Lady Hamilton who looked after the bands (if he liked them) and the female staff. A former band friend let us know today that Pete had died. I'm sad, but mostly because we lost touch and I never thanked him enough. I'm also happy at the memories his many friends are sharing.

My favorite moments - waking in Hamilton Hospital after a car accident and Pete was there (and unka Phil - love you too buddy) grinning at me. Missing teeth from the life he led but still looking out for one of his girls.

Then there was the time I was working the ground floor bar and he tossed a tosser off the second floor. Landed in front of the bar but didn't want a drink anymore (it was a different time, but I think the guy had disrespected one of our waitresses and laid hands on her - deserved to be tossed).

So, to all the Lady H alumni - Tim and Donna, LA Dreams, most of all Phil Walsh and Murray - thank you for the memories.