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Friday, October 21, 2011

The Kiwi is Back, and the world didn't end

It's been more than a month since the last Kiwi post, as the Kiwi has been grounded (in all but the most literal sense of that word). She has not only reached a phase where she needs to stay in one country for an extended period of time, she has taken a job that she truly enjoys and that is important to her and, it being in media, has had to work out where her own meanderings fit in relation to that. No final decision yet but she feels free to comment on some of the things that are part of that job.

But first, it's Saturday, Oct. 22, and the world did not end. Or it may have, and the Kiwi missed it - that has happened before. (Just looked outside the Kiwi cave - the roommate's dog is there, there's no movement on the streets but it IS mid-morning on a South Korean Saturday so perhaps she just missed the party.)

Apart from the Mayans, who apparently ran out of either paper or numbers when making the calendar so stopped at 2012, a New Zealand pastor and a bunch of religious nutjobs from Oakland, CA, forecast yesterday as the end of the world. (*check world clock - it's still yesterday in CA, quiver, whimper, head for the nearest bar*)

Why don't I believe this, if we disregard my cynical, skeptical, non-believer essence?

Becase, "if" the rapture had already occurred, I know a few (actually many) people who were missed. Not me, not Doctrine Man, but a number of others without whom heaven would be lacking. When they all disappear at the same time, it will be too late to do anything other than to wreak havoc with those of us left behind.