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Saturday, May 11, 2013

China, Korea, Aotearoa, America


It's been a busy and hectic few weeks.

For those who have lost track (ME!), the Kiwi applied for a job in China back in December but large bureaucracies move slowly and, after many long conversations with many different people, got a great offer Tuesday.

She also, separately, was asked to manage the Seoul VFW because of staffing issues, and agreed to, not realizing how sick the smoke there would make her.

By the way, the flightless bird quit Yonhap in a fit of principle in December, was earning peanuts and being treated like a monkey at her new job and worried about her dearest being able to cover his bills and other commitments (but, being an American male, he would never accept her money anyway).

So, the VFW is now not only surviving but has a better manager, the Kiwi is very excited about China and friends already have tickets to visit, and she is counting down the weeks in Korea. Yonhap photo snafu's and the president's spokesman being an assclown in Washington are at least making that embarrassingly amusing.

As is a compatriot, who sent an e-mail yesterday that she was being detained by immigration and unable to contact the embassy. Obviously, that rings alarm bells, so the shy, retiring bird forwarded the e-mail to the Ambassador and publicity officer.

Here's where it is absolutely amazing to come from a small country - the message to the Ambassador came back with an auto-response that he was on leave for three days but in less than five minutes, he'd personally responded that he had people on the issue. They did what they could, as did the Kiwi.

As for America, I love it (and him), but am choosing China right now for adventure, travel, career advancement and food. Am hoping to survive the air, and looking forward to visiting friends in Shanghai and making new friends elsewhere.

Watch this space . . .

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