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Thursday, June 23, 2016

the new home . . .

after three years in China and far too many years in Korea, I'm suffering severe culture shock on my arrival in Hong Kong. Pedestrians wait for the light to turn green before they cross (at the pedestrian crossings, even!). Taxis obey traffic signals also. People are polite and helpful. 

First thoughts on flying in, which coincided with sunset - I love the mountains and the water. I probably didn't sleep enough the past week (packing out after too long) so I keep seeing Blade Runner and Mission Impossible in the silhouettes. There seem to be three 7-11s on every block, and taxis are very expensive. The MTR can be confusing when you're tired but after wandering a while, I found my way back to the hotel. No more taxis! 

The view from my window is a mountain, lush and green. I have kittehs to look after and friends to catch up with. AND a mountain of paperwork to fill in. it only seems easy until you arrive. Then the bureaucracy kicks in.

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