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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Coming to America

It's definite!

Myrtle Beach Bike Week, here I come. With a stop-off in Korea on the way to visit with the VFW, VKW and PAO, plus some friends who don't need acronyms, and to write some stories from Jeju.

Then, three months of touring the land of the free and finding out if it's still the home of the brave. It's happening. Flights covered, MZ Baghira graciously loaned, incidentals covered, home base eager. Logistics being worked out as I type - it's a big country. Starting from Norfolk, definite dates in NC, CO, MO and CA, feel free to invite me for dinner, drinks and conversation elsewhere.

See you soon . . .


  1. Any chance of you coming up to NY/NJ?? When will you be here?? Planning to go to Raleigh NC in May sometime to visit friends coming from Japan

  2. Dear Anony Mouse,

    NY/NJ are definitely on the itinerary. A trip to America would be incomplete without visiting some friends in Baltimore and NYC and a survey of the state of the nation needs to include Fort McHenry, methinks.
    And I've had a soft spot for Raleigh/Durham since finding myself there having lost my way from Myrtle Beach to Virginia Beach (long story, highly amusing), having run out of US cash, bike running on fumes and finding my Indonesian cards wouldn't work (they didn't work that particular day for colleagues in Indonesia either!) Kind souls at the service station donated $8, which filled the tank and got me back to VA.
    Feel free to PM me so I know which mouse you are - I'm hoping the mouse I went fishing with?