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Friday, January 30, 2015

Feminists and feminism ...

Colleen McCullough died

The author of Tim, The Thorn Birds, Masters of Rome  and a host of other books. Her writing enriched my life.

Her obituary in The Australian makes me angry.

The lead paragraph, which does mention she was a best-selling author, then discusses her looks, weight and man-pulling ability. And I thought of my female friends and how they might be reduced to such idiocy - MEK, a gorgeous redhead who also scaled mountains, oh, and advised powerful men; Stephanie, a pretty blond who knew people in power; Susanne . . .  you know, why do we have to justify our specialness?

I'm kinda pissed, but from pissed comes ideas

Ladies, lady friends, let's celebrate who we are and what we have done. (Stephanie started this but I'm taking it a step further.)

We're not going to be around for the obits but I'm asking - what are you most proud of? What do YOU want to be remembered for? What do YOU think is important in your life thus far (I expect much more)?

Let's make a book to inspire