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Monday, February 4, 2013

Downtime . . .

I'm not sure how it works for others but, for me, being in limbo creates a stultifying lethargy. I'm almost always excited to set sail in uncharted waters but while waiting to cast off, I feel anxious and unproductive. I guess I'm more a person of action than I realized.

So, although I have had the past two months off work after leaving my last place of employment, they have been among the most unproductive of the year, in terms of physical and mental health and writing. Despite all the time I had in which to write, I barely blogged or freelanced, although I did do some interviews for future features and kicked my own butt enough to complete one article I'd wanted to do for a while (which, once I sat down to do it, took surprisingly little time). Mostly though, I just waited for decisions by others - a situation I am not at my best in.

Not surprisingly, the moment I made decisions for myself - to move to Australia, probably take a deckhand position on a yacht up north and visit with family and friends - the positive energy attracted other positives, including a job offer that would start next month. This month, although I still am not working, I'll be constantly traveling and exploring and once again embracing and enjoying life, and will no doubt find more time to write than when I was doing nothing.

The great thing about the potential job is that my early mornings, when I write best, would be free. With an 1100 start each day and the stimulus I get from being gainfully employed and otherwise active, I imagine I'll soon be writing up a storm.

Watch this space . . .

View from Hanging Rock, Victoria, Australia.

(Note: The article referred to above can't be linked to until it has been published by the buyer, which should be later this month.)

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