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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Raising my voice . . .

I consider myself something of a dilletante in my approach to this blog in that I use the medium mainly for my own amusement. I welcome readers who find their way to it and enjoy the conversations I have with them but I also enjoy the limited nature of those conversations. I'm aware there are many ways of maximizing my audience but, for now, this is my play-space and not my profession.

I make my money elsewhere, primarily through editing and writing, and being paid to produce changes the nature of what I write. Here, I have more freedom to play with ideas, style and words.

One problem with that is when I feel there is something I really want to make a stink about, it's the writerly equivalent of one hand clapping. (Perhaps a little more - some of the people who do follow me are important in many different ways.) The ears I want to yell into are unlikely to be turned my way.

The solution - write a guest blog for someone who DOES have a wide audience, of which most are the people I want to let know how I feel.

I thank the erudite and stylish Carl Prine, author of such esteemed tracts as "The Porta-Potty Rock" and the wearer of a padded velvet codpiece in Doctrine Man cartoons, for loaning me the eyes of his readers to express my disgust at the birthday favor the U.S. Army gave an officer for conduct unbecoming anyone.

Be sure to read Carl's better-worded and more knowledgeable piece also.


  1. I dunno...I think its a touching love story if you look at it right...

    If the COL had simply divorced his obviously vindictive and hateful wife earlier... then this would be a non issue.

    Bigamy, adultery, wrongful cohabitation all crimes of religious intoleration and tyranny hardly worthy of being CRIMES at all and should be better left to discussion and arbitration between concerned parties and not fodder for the state to investigate and prosecute.

    The award of a 75K contract is also hardly worthy of getting emotional aboot unless and until you are willing to get irate over the tens of billions of contracts awarded to cronies and politically connected families, friends and politicians.

    Ultimately this whole CRIME is the seed of the poisoned fruit that was the Iraqi invasion. Until Bush, Cheney, Powell, Rice, Rumsfeld, Rove, and the rest of the criminals who manipulated data and lied to the world in order to funnel trillions of dollars to Carlyle Group companies are held accountable then it really is pissing in the wind to worry about one little COL and his misguided yet totally romantic love affair...

    Look New Zealand is one of the least corrupt countries in the world and yet Labour MP Chris Carterwas was rewarded for his inappropriate spending on a ministerial credit card by being appointed as director of the Governance Unit of the United Nations mission in Kabul, Afghanistan, with responsibility for assisting the Afghan government in fighting corruption!

    Can you really expect corrupt nations like the US, Iraq, and Afghanistan not to be engaged in a little favoritism?

    Regards and thanks for considering an alternative viewpoint now matter how flawed...

    1. I will always consider your viewpoint dear ChiSti but . . .

      I realize this assclown's career is Kaput (or should be, this is the Army) but I'm concerned about the precedent it sets for lower ranks without the West Point contacts and the hero general father.

      I would like to keep admiring the friends who serve . . .