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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bikes and Biker Chicks

Bikes and Biker Chicks.

Both are inarguably rougher, more adventurous and lower maintenance than the alternatives, but both require at least a modicum of TLC to keep them happy, and a little more to keep them purring.

Thus, even though I should be writing here today, I'm instead going to borrow a friend's garage, toolkit and advice and do a lot of work on the trusty MZ that I really should have done before subjecting her to 10 hours of 80+mph yesterday and a vicious buffeting by Ohio winds on I-80W.

The two of us will then head out, with the wonderful friends who are hosting me in Detroit, to a biker bar in America's (former?) Motor Capital. She should, by then, be looking better than me but I can cope with the competition. She needs me to tell her stories for her.
MZ Baghira, possibly not the best choice for the Interstates of the USA, but Damn, she's fun!

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