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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Pick me!

Excuse me for this, dear readers, but a job I applied for that I really want asked for any social media sites, so I might as well use this to market my skills in their field

Feel free to comment on my ability to relate to people, sell ice to eskimos (if it's a brand of ice I believe in) and look after people well - please. And if anyone knows anyone in the Harley Davidson/Buell stable, please talk good about the little Kiwi friend.

but now, because it's bike-related, we get bike pics:

Beijing Bike

Borrowed from a SEAL friend

Bikers like me

Too big, too heavy, but still I rode

Fave comment at the bike rodeo:
Biker bystander: Is she learning to ride?

Photographer: She rode that here

1 comment:

  1. Tracie is very dedicated and enthusiastic about anything she takes on. She applies herself and is very personable. She would be an asset for any organization. Matt Prichard, worked with Tracie at China Daily